Gary Corke to step down as CEO of SHA Specialist Underwriters

Important announcement from the board of SHA Specialist Underwriters

Gary Corke to step down as CEO of SHA

On behalf of the board of SHA, I wish to announce that Gary Corke will relinquish the role of Chief Executive Officer at the end of January 2017.  We have chosen to make the early announcement to allow the succession and handover process in which Gary will play a key role.

Gary has been an outstanding leader within Santam and in his role as CEO of SHA and previously at Emerald.  During his time, Gary was instrumental in the successful merger of Emerald and Santam’s corporate portfolio and thereafter took over as CEO of SHA which has grown its leadership position.

Gary’s departure and contribution will no doubt be a loss to all of us.  We will communicate further developments in due course.

King regards

Quinten Matthew
Executive Head: Specialist Business Santam Group

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