Doing the right things whilst no one is looking – the true Wealthsmith

This piece was written by Stefani Norman. Stef is the PA to our CEO Gareth Beaver. This followed her term as Sanlam PA of the year in 2015.

On 21 July 2016 I presented at the Sanlam Group PA Forum.  I gave feedback on my year as the Sanlam Group PA of the Year 2015.  I also recapped on the subject I did my 2015 presentation on: “Be a True WealthSmith by doing things right whilst no one is looking”.

The qualities of a Wealthsmith are very similar to those of a PA and here are a few:

  1. Be trustworthy with unwavering principles, safeguarding confidentiality.
  2. Be boss focused. Understand your boss’s objectives in order to help achieve these.
  3. Be meticulous. When taking instructions or messages, learn to ask effective questions such as who, what, where and when.
  4. Be eager to learn. Ask your boss to mentor you or follow the guidelines and expectations set out in your job appraisal.
  5. Be an entrepreneur. Take the initiative and be part of the solution and not the problem by providing a possible well thought out solution when approaching the boss with a problem.
  6. Use your skills & talents. Be your boss’s memory; a mind of useful information.
  7.  Be altruistic and humble, not only towards your employer but also your co-workers and customers.
  8. Strive to recognize one’s shortcomings – take advice, trust others and learn.

As part of my prize, I attended the prestigious “All Stars” Siyanqoba Office Professional SA 2015 Conference which was held at Sun City.

stefani-norman-3Robin Banks, the International Mind Power Coach was the MC and he mentioned a very important point and that is to have a vision, a plan and a purpose for your life.  I now write down my immediate goals I wish to achieve as well as longer term goals, examine these throughout the year, make adjustments if necessary and move forward.

Robin said we should practice thinking good and positive thoughts, speak these affirmations into our lives and live accordingly.

My Personal Brand is to do whatever I do to the glorification of my God so that at the end of the day I can say:  “Save the Changes”.

Other Motivational Speakers included Grant Driver, who is an Expert on People Engagement and he gave us a breakdown and analysis on our behavioural styles.

Lee Swan, an ordinary girl from Johannesburg, fascinated me as she achieved the absolute extraordinary by winning the Polar Race.

Billy Selekane is a Personal, Team and Organizational Effective Specialist and mentioned that we should focus on the good things people say about us and the compliments they pay us.  Be passionate and true to yourself.  Find a coach and mentor.  Position your brand and stick to your path. 

Fresh new challenges await me as Sanlam nominated me and entered me into the Professional and Administrative Association for SA PA of the Year Award as well as the Siyanqoba Office Professional SA PA of the Year award.  I dream that my vision will be fulfilled and I may grow and develop further to become a role model in my beloved profession.

 As Thoreau said: “If you’ve built castles in the air…put foundations under them”.

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