Express Renewal for Directors and Officers

Brokers who have an agency with SHA may be able to activate “Express-Renewal” on their client’s business up to 60 days prior to renewal of the policy. Express-Renewal facilitates renewal of policies at expiring terms that fall into the following category:

  • The insured has a current Directors and Officers Liability policy with SHA.
  • The insured’s business description has not changed since the previous renewal and is correct as per the expiring policy schedule
  • The assets of the business not exceed R200m for the current year
  • The business is in a positive equity position
  • No claims have been incurred in the past 12 months.
The benefits of Express-Renewal:
  • No proposal forms
  • Premiums remain static, effectively beating inflation
  • Easy access to Cyber and Accident&Health cover at nominal additional premiums without proposal forms (see below)
Wider covers available through Express-Renewal:
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