SHA Mandela Month – the Sequel

Well the month of July has come and gone and we are pleased to report that we completed our final three “Mandela Month” tasks. We are all blessed to have been able to take part in these initiatives. Well done to the SHA teams that made it all possible. Othandweni Day Care Centre in Mayibuye[…]

The SHA Annual Niche Insurance Review

SHA is conducting an online niche insurance survey. We’ll be publishing the results in our July publication and its a great opportunity to see how your views as a broker stack up against your colleague’s across the industry. We’d be really grateful if you gave it a go! The survey is completely anonymous so please answer[…]

5 tips for purchasing professional indemnity insurance

Any professional who offers advice or a delivers a service in exchange for a fee should have adequate Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance in place to provide them with financial protection should they unintentionally cause a loss to another party during the performance of their professional duties. This is according to Junior Maphalala, Underwriter: Professional Indemnity[…]

Insurance Young Guns 3.0

The 3rd Insurance Young Guns (IYG) event was hosted and sponsored by SHA on the 25thof May 2017. The event took place at HintHunt in Illovo with a total of 30 participants. The day started with a discussion forum focusing on Leadership vs Management, the value of Diversity in the workplace and Tips on Making[…]

Global Ransomware Attacks and Cyber Insurance

The fresh ransomware attack of unprecedented proportions, estimated to have impacted at least 100 countries, and affecting massive global organisations such as FedEx, Britain’s national health and the German rail network has highlighted the severe implications of cybercrime attacks on businesses.  As companies all over the world, including South Africa scramble to ensure their IT[…]

Consumer protection over the festive season – complaints and liabilities

It’s that time of year when many flock to the stores in the hope of securing the perfect gift, or the ultimate bargain. Unfortunately, not every purchase results in a satisfied customer, and a few people will be left feeling short changed and cheated by suppliers or even physically injured by products they’ve bought. By February[…]

Update to SHA Motor Claims Procedure

Market Notice to SHA Intermediaries A strategic decision was taken earlier this year to move SHA’s motor claims administration to Santam from 1 April 2016. Through feedback from – and representations by our intermediaries and clients, it has become clear that they prefer to deal directly on their claims issues. As a company we believe[…]