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We offer a comprehensive policy designed to protect financial institutions against employee dishonesty, electronic and computer crime, civil liability and associated legal costs.

Civil liability cover is essential not only to avoid economic hardship in the event of a claim, but also as a valuable tool to protect an insured’s good name particularly where a claim has a malicious undertone.

SHA’s Bankers and Financial Institutions Blanket Bond policies include the following Crime and Civil Liability cover:-

Section 1 – Crime
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Unidentifiable Employee Extension (OPTIONAL)
  • Premises (Property within defined premises or in the possession of any customer of the Insured)
  • Transit  (Property or Electronic Data Processing Media, as defined, being lost or damaged from any cause whilst in transit)
  • Liability Waiver Extension (OPTIONAL)
  • Forged Signature or Fraudlent Alteration
  • Forged Securities
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Offices and Contents
  • Extortion
  • Loss of Subscription Rights
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Forged Faxes
  • Telephone Banking Transfers
  • Computer Crime
  • Reinstatement of Office Records
  • Internet Transactions / Mobile Phone Banking
Section 2 – Civil Liability

Indemnity for the Insured’s Civil Liability to third parties for any claim (and defence costs) demanding the payment of compensatory damages, which arises from:

  • A negligent act, error or omission; or
  • A dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal act or omission on the part of any defined Employee of the Insured or
  • A negligent breach of any statute including any statutory provisions and/or any regulatory body or authority thereunder, and including any award of any referee or arbitrator, or self-regulatory organisation or any recognised professional body by whose rules the Insured are bound; or
  • Defamation, libel, slander, injurious falsehood on the part of the Insured.

We also offer extensions for

  • Professional Trust Services – Breach of Trust/Fiduciary Duty
  • Stop Payment Order
  • Loss of Documents
  • Inter-company Liability; and
  • Claims made or brought in the first instance within the jurisdiction of courts of North America or brought subject to the laws of North America
Optional Extensions applicable to both the Crime and Civil Liability Sections
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Extended Reporting Period (after Termination)
  • Reinstatement
  • New Subsidiaries
Territorial Limits
  • Worldwide

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