Gradual Pollution

Liability insurance for injury and damage following gradual pollution conditions has traditionally been expensive and difficult to obtain – this is no longer the case as SHA have identified a specific need in the market and are pleased to present “Gradual Pollution Indemnity.”

Why place this cover?
  • Existing public liability insurance policies traditionally exclude gradual pollution.
  • Companies’ corporate governance and compliance controls are becoming increasingly important considerations for existing shareholders, potential investors and lenders/
What is Gradual Pollution cover?
  • The cover is site based, is not limited to ‘sudden, unintended and unexpected events’ and indemnifies a wide range of coverage that was not readily available including:
  • Claims-made against the Insured for injury and damage;
  • Emergency clean up costs to prevent migration of an accidental pollutant release
  • Defence costs including the costs of defending an interdict
  • Underwriters as part of the claims process will liaise with regulators
  • Restoration costs (“Rip and Tear”)
Important Exclusions
  • Asbestos and lead
  • Illicit abandonment
  • Naturally occurring materials and restoration of depleted or degraded natural or man made systems (environmental degradation)
  • Existing pollution conditions

On receipt of a completed proposal form, declaration and a recent environmental survey we will be delighted to let you have a quote. Please note that this product is exclusive to existing clients and is not written as stand alone business.

Download a fact sheet

Download a proposal form

If you’re a broker and you’d like to get your clients SHA Gradual Pollution Cover send an email to liability_dept@sha.co.za or call us 011 731 3600

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