Single Project PI and Liability

Project Professional Indemnity

We provide long term non-cancellable Project Professional Indemnity insurance for the legal liabilities arising out of errors or omissions in their Professional Duties for Contractors, Engineers, Surveyors, Consultants and other related professions employed on construction projects.

The period of insurance can take into account pre-feasibility including early design work prior to the start of construction for a maximum period of 36 months, the construction period as well as the maintenance and discovery period following final completion of the contract.

The Main Features of the Cover are:
  • The Employer, Contractor including Sub Contractors and Professional Consultants are joint Insureds
  • The Cover includes 1st party prior to handover
  • Failure of Supervision
  • Worldwide Jurisdiction excluding North America
  • No Contractual Limitation of Liability other than for Consequential Losses
Single Project Public Liability

We provide non-cancellable Broad Form Liability insurance for Construction Projects providing indemnity for the legal liabilities of the Employer, Contractor, Sub Contractors as well as Consultants for their on-site construction activities. Cover can extend to include Lateral Support when required.

The Main Features of the Cover are:

  • No Contractual Liability Exclusion
  • Non Accident Operative Clause
  • Limits are inclusive of Costs and Expenses
  • Worldwide jurisdiction excluding North America

Limits of Indemnity:

  • Up to R500 million

Territorial Limits:

  • Worldwide excluding North America

Requirements to Quote:

  • Completed Proposal Form and general description of Contract, Contractors and Professionals appointed.


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