This specialised unit deals with businesses traditionally classified as SMME (small, micro and medium sized enterprises). At SHA these risks are identified by their turnover being less than R50m and the current annual premium on the liability covers is less than R15,000 per annum.

It is recommended that business in this sector is written on the SHA Evolution wording, a composite multiline solution, suitable for smaller businesses where the broker does not want the hassle of having a multitude of separate insurance products.

Businesses in this category may also qualify for Express Renewal.

Of course every broker at SHA also has access to our full suite of standalone covers too.

Brokers in this environment are encouraged to use SHA’s Pocket Underwriter sales tool
  • Pocket underwriter helps intermediaries explain complex covers to their clients
  • It also keeps a record of advice
  • Generates CPD hours while brokers use it
  • Check out the Pocket Underwriter page

If you’re a broker and you’d like to enquire about our SME division, send an email to SME Solutions or call us 011 731 3600